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Saturday, 26 June 2010


Said this before ...

... but I do so love trees.

At the foot of the Cathedral

Sat at the foot of the Cathedral, having a fresh salad. Great weather is good for the soul. Like we were on holiday already.

Chester citizen?

Music at the Town Hall (II)

Music at the Town Hall

Hot day. Sign language and sound. Roads jam-packed. Time for lunch.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Evening sun in Upton

Deliciously cool corner of the village. Library just closing. Weekend ahead.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A roundabout made for people

The kind of roundabout I like. Wild and unregulated. Unreadied for public consumption.

Trees against the sky

But not against. Rather, in clear consonance with. Love trees.

A dappled corner of Grosvenor Park

Sometimes words are needed to describe a picture. The sharp and inviting contrast between dark and light beckons us. Dappled ground reminds us how good life can be.

Half a tree

A strict cutting back leads to further growth. If only economics were like gardening.

A walk in the park

Suddenly it gets cool. The shade is most welcome.

Glorious day down by the River Dee (II)

Glorious day down by the River Dee

Business suit most inappropriate as glorious weather hits Chester.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Light and shade

Sunshine is a glorious gift. Like snow, it renews. We see anew. It allows us to recapture that freshness of vision that youth brings to humanity.

Sky, trees and Cathedral

Beautiful blues, greens and browns.

Godstall Lane

Nice afternoon in Chester. Lazy lunch at Watergate Deli with street procession included. Gentle walk back through town. Bit chilly now but memory of excellent espresso keeps the cockles of the heart quite warm. Already looking forward to Spanish summer.

Outside Godstall Lane

Elephant in Chester

More street fun

Street fun outside the Watergate Deli

View from the Rows

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Better Bet Corbett

Lots of flags about as we walk back home. Sunny afternoon brings pleasure. Living outdoors is wonderful in good weather.

In Brook Street

Deck the pubs with flags of England

Chester, England

An event worth holding

Dance of the gladiators

You get a strange sense of occasion - of life and its counterpoint.

Sky over the amphitheatre

Crowds look on as battle commences. Not as bloodthirsty as tradition leads us to believe though. Ninety percent of gladiators actually survived a career in the profession.

Not the World Cup - but kind of

The pomp of the gladiators

An afternoon at the amphitheatre (II)

An afternoon at the amphitheatre

Pottery class

Beautiful light and shade today.


Summer camp

Roman centurion?

Shields in Grosvenor Park

Alarmed hanging baskets

Black and white buildings are typical of Chester. Alarmed hanging baskets not so.

Suspension Bridge

Chester Visitor Centre?

Not sure why this sign doesn't clearly say what it points to. Do you?

Music down by the River (II)

Music down by the River

Breeze in the air, sweet music in my ears. Great afternoon down by the River.

Sun over the Walls


Open air theatre advertised here. Something going on at the amphitheatre too. Loudspeakers and tons of people sat around.

Sun on roof

Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Cathedral

Just had a coffee and scone in the Refectory. Now on the way back home. May rain!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Waiting for the 1 from Cheshire Oaks

Beautiful morning to walk but needs must and work beckons. Now on the bus to Chester. Looking forward to the weekend mightily.