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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Caughall Road

Caughall Road, near where I live, is being subjected - once more - to the travails of public works.  I've been told the Gas Alliance is responsible for the upheaval but all the signs point to Dee Valley Water plc.

Anyhow, one-way restrictions have been placed on the road which require most neighbours to make quite a detour when coming back to their homes.  Last week, we discovered that these one-way restrictions reached as far as Greenfields and meant that Greenfields neighbours had to follow a diversion off the A41 which took them an extra ten to fifteen minutes to reach their destinations (I know because I timed it) - mainly as a result of practically being diverted to Cheshire Oaks on the way round a myriad of back lanes!

I informed a dear colleague of the matter and we soon managed to get the one-way restrictions by Greenfields removed, so the right-turn off Acres Lane at the junction with the old zoo entrance became possible.  However, the diversion off the A41 now informs us that all Cedar House workers and Greenfields neighbours must turn right instead of left and follow the fifteen minute diversion instead of the five minutes the opposite direction (now otherwise permitted) would allow.

I can understand if a judgement call had been made to steer extra traffic away from Acresfield School.  What I cannot understand is how so many Greenfields neighbours can be abandoned to unlit back lanes for ten weeks or more where this is not necessary.

A bit of clarification from someone at Highways would be useful.

Also, is this the Gas Alliance's doing or Dee Valley Water plc's?  And when it's time to dig up the road near Greenfields, will we get a man with a stick or traffic lights - or will we be redirected round to Cheshire Oaks again before we can reach our homes?

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