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Sunday, 11 July 2010

On the way home

The tension of the football being far too much for a sensitive soul like myself, I have gone for a walk down to the canal and up along the Bridle Path back home. It's a lovely evening. Birdsong graces the country air. A rabbit crossed my way, jumping with temerity as they do. A good evening exchanged with a dog walker punctuated my stroll.

The match will soon be over. I do so hope Spain will win. Football has been a far more beautiful game since they won in Europe in 2008. Beauty and art over brute force always. That is the Spanish way. I am glad my children are Spanish.

Dusk draws in

Field of wheat at dusk (II)

Field of wheat at dusk

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Rhino Mania hits Chester

Suddenly, there are rhinos everywhere. This one in St Michael's Row. Reminds me of the bulls which populated Salamanca one year. The one pushing a wheelchair by the Red Cross hospital I particularly liked.