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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Steaming potholes (no, honestly)

Driving back from Morrison's today, we came across what can only be described as a series of steaming potholes.  Yes.  Quite.  So it looks like CWaC has begun to react to the feedback citizens in Upton have been providing, though not all the potholes had been dealt with on the road in question.  Not sure how resilient such recently filled pockets of tarmac will prove to be, mind.  Vehicles were already driving over them as loose stones were flying left and right.

It is my fear that whilst it is easy to set up an interactive website, it is rather more difficult to ensure it integrates with the real world in a useful and professional manner.

Thus it is that I will report back in future posts of the mundane sort.  In the meantime, the possibility of improving the nexus of communication between governed and governors clearly exists.  Incidentally, if you're interested in this sort of thing and would like to find out more behind the issues of local democracy, you might consider following this narrative one type blog here and this narrative two type blog here.

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