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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow crunching underfoot


No. Admittedly, it hasn't got much of a plot - as my son pointed out all too soon. But I am trying out interesting technologies here. On my relatively primitive smartphone, I can post up to two minutes of video and email them to my blog any time I choose. The limitation has more to do with the maximum size of email attachments these days than the capabilities of the phone itself.

If, politically, we wish to empower people and truly connect governments with the grassroots, what better way than to try and communicate with those marvellous little computers most of us carry around in our pockets these days - that is to say, mobile phones. And, more importantly, allow that communication to work in two directions.

The photo I posted the other day of a 100-metre section of Upton's roads which apparently hadn't been gritted and was preventing bus services to Liverpool from passing through the centre of the village would - in an ideal world - have been posted to an enabling website known to all-and-sundry and would have provoked a quick solution to a foolish but easily resolvable oversight.

In a post-Blairite world, now that necessarily centralised amends have been made to the destructive effects of Thatcherism on social infrastructures most of us have always been able to agree we need, it's time to use the private technologies we're already happy to pay for as consumers to energise the relationship between governors and governed.  Photographing potholes using the hand-held computer in our pockets may not seem a very glamorous start - but any journey worth embarking on must surely begin with a single footstep of such mundane characteristics.

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