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Monday, 25 January 2010

Is detail more important than outline or outline more important than detail?

I was at a planning committee this evening and unseemly haste seems to fairly define the deadlines we were faced with, especially considering the boxes of material supplied. You shouldn't have to but you sometimes wonder if outrageously immediate details are only ever supplied to distract one's full attention from the underlying - and perhaps excessively revealing - thrust of long-term outline.

May not be the case - but you sometimes wonder.

So which is more important - detail or outline? For sometimes the devil of the beast is actually not in the detail but, rather, in the overview. The overview often gives you an idea of where those who have brainstormed the options - behind the scenes and under the cover of long and discussion-ridden nights - might wonder are the publicly permissible edges of the conceptual envelopes in question.  It's where big and venerable organisations may be tempted to go - as big money turns their heads step by step - that should really make us think twice. That's what happened with the banks and building societies of yore. Who's to say it might not happen again?

We'll see.

In the meantime, we must continue to believe that people choose to act in good faith and - at a local level - aim to build constructively on such good faith.  Mainly because, as I mentioned recently, we are all neighbours who cannot afford the luxury of rude disagreement.

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