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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Chester Zoo, the sinking of an iceberg and why we really don't need pendulum politics right now

We had a nice day out at Chester Zoo.


And what do I come back to?

Tweets on stupid calls to ballot Labour Party MPs on a leadership they have decided they must madly look way beyond rather than honestly look to support. Their self-contemplation knows no bounds.

But I guess that's what happens when an iceberg of the selfish (nine-tenths an invisible unpredictability, one-tenth a navel-gazing striving for visibility at all costs) hits an unsinkable institution. And make no mistake about it: Labour as a political force is unsinkable. In fact, the Labour government has had its finest hour not during Blairite rule but under Brown's lacklustre leadership: the almost single-handed perspicacity which saved an entire banking system from utter collapse. There is no reason why the best could not be to come - except that in today's politics not even presentation wins the day.

Presentation presupposes there is something to present, something we can reasonably reveal. But when policy is unpresentable - and this would seem to explain current Tory reticence in all matters relating to what they would actually do if they got into power - even presentation cannot be where a powerful opposition will prefer to position the battleground.

It becomes a question of raw emotion. Gut instinct. The locating of egos.  The locating of a battle in terms of air-brushed personalities.

Although there is no virtue in being ugly - either in personality or policy.

Blairites are right in one thing, mind.  We shouldn't have to only appeal to core voters. We should try and appeal to everyone. But it's actually Blairites who've made this impossible as a convincing strategy in the near future.  The socialism by stealth they practised was the final nail in the coffin. Instead of using their immense political capital to change a country for the better upfront, they tiptoed around the issues for far too long.  The British people don't like an ambush and, in a way, this is what they sort of got.

Blairites spoke intelligently, spoke cunningly.  No hostages to fortune, them.

But then they sided with the enemy.  The de facto forces that do not need the ballot box to rule the country.

Now it may simply be too late.

I hope not.

For pendulum politics is really not what the United Kingdom needs right now.  And when those de facto forces rule within and without the ballot box ... well, that is when a generation of the defenceless loses its most precious liberties.

Nor is it enough to proclaim we have given you a minimum wage, a better education service and freedom from fear of common infirmity.  You should also be able to say you have won for yourselves all these things.

Command-control Blairism put the roofs back on the schools.

Empowering post-Blairism should teach us how to do it for ourselves.

If only the Tories could choose to build on the achievements of the past.  Sad times for a great nation which seems destined to forget how to learn politically; a nation which it appears must, always, revert to type as it tears down all the good a previous generation was able to apport.

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