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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Saving the planet on an almost Monday

Yes. It is Monday tomorrow. Only just tomorrow though. Maybe I'll send you some photos of Chester as I walk through the city. Maybe you'll then see what I mean, when I moan plaintively about the state of the centre - as I am wont to do; as, indeed, I have already done so here.

And then there's our new wheelie bins. Have to send a photo of a couple of those too. I suppose I could go down into the yard and snap a couple of pictures using the flash. Loathsome items of equipment. Wheelie bins, I mean. Big companies are too powerful for governments to want to properly curb their appetites for generating large quantities of useless plastic society really doesn't know what to do with. Instead, it's the humble end-user who suffers, incapable as he or she is of fighting back. Along with the bins (which one day themselves will need to be recycled - God only knows how), we received a massive pack of explanatory literature. You need a damn degree to know how to save the planet these days.

Photo tonight or not?

Not really sure. I really am rather too sleepy for anything but sleep. But perhaps the technological challenge of sending my first photo in will convince me against my better judgement.

Wonder what happened to those monkeys.

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